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What do Indiana Jones, Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter and the Muppets have in common? A creator of iconic images.

By Tom Russo, Special to The Times
May 22, 2008

At its best, the art of movie poster illustration conveys a tangible sense of adventure. There are few sharper contemporary examples than the imagery crafted by veteran artist Drew Struzan for "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" back in the summer of 1989. Arresting, iconic likenesses of Harrison Ford and Sean Connery anchored a montage that also featured Indy on horseback, charging determinedly ahead, pistol pointed like he was about to blast out the fourth wall. Calculatedly random paint spatter represented sand kicked up by his wild ride, while just over his shoulder, pursuing Nazi forces trailed off into the... Read More

Flow Design Processes - Focusing on the Users' Needs.

By Nick Kellingley
The Interaction Design Foundation

It can be really tempting to start a design project by leaping into the deep end and starting to sketch out pages and work on the information architecture of the final product. However, it’s almost certainly the wrong approach to take. To create great user experiences – designers must focus on the user’s needs and that means developing an understanding of how to create the best task flow for that user. The better you facilitate the user moving from start to finish on a particular process – the easier the product is to work with and... Read More